Compassion and Accountability: Community Input

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meetingphotoSanta Cruz is a friendly beach city where people come to live, work, and surf because of its laid back vibe and hip counter-culture.  There is also a culture of permissiveness that can become destructive and divisive.  People who believe they can behave any way they want, even if their behavior violates the rules and norms of society and adversely affects fellow Santa Cruzans.  I have heard from scores of Santa Cruzan’s they are highly frustrated with inappropriate behavior and have had enough.

SCPD will hold a series of community meetings on March 9, 11, and 12 to discuss how to address some of the behaviors that diminish our quality of life.  The sessions are an opportunity to understand the goal of additional ordinances and give direct input to police managers about issues and potential solutions. The meeting will wrap up with action steps for each community member to take.

Let’s be clear.  These ordinances are not about our houseless neighbors. Bad behavior is not bound by economics.  The meeting is about what kind of community we want and how SCPD can help to further that vision.

Santa Cruz can also give their opinion online. Quality of Life Survey


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