Coach Mike Swider

Coach Swider just retired from Wheaton College Football after43 years of coaching, 35 of them at Wheaton.  He built character and integrity in scores of young men, including my son-in-law, Kelly Stewart.  Coach Swider sent me a letter with some of his parting thoughts, and I repost it here because they are so poignant and directly reflect the idea of why we police.

An ethical code is something each of us must develop.  We need to spend time assessing our values and establish such a code for ourselves.  It begins by determining what our transcendent cause is-faith, marriage, family, Wheaton Football (policing). We need to decide what price we are willing to pay for what we value.  What risks we are willing to take for our beliefs and for those things we hold dear.  If our lives are all about serving ourselves and our own interests, we’ll come up short on the warrior scale.  But if we truly see ourselves as part of something worth sacrificing for and taking risks for, and our actions reflect our commitment to serving the greater cause, then we are warriors.

Money, fame, power, glory, and titles are bad motivators…you will only fight so long for these things and will ultimately stop short of death because you need to live to experience them.  However, causes ae the greatest motivators in the world.  The warrior, fighting for a cause, will die because he realizes the cause transcends his death and lives on.  Warriors leave something in people rather than for people.  Determine the causes in your life and never quit pursuing them.  Warriors do not carry white flags, life jackets or parachutes.

Jesus and America need warriors.  Wheaton Football develops warriors.  That’s why I built it.

Never die easy


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